Angelwax Resurrection 1000ml

Heavy Cut Compound

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Angelwax Resurrection Heavy Cut Compound 1 litre

Angelwax Resurrection Heavy Cut Compound is suitable for all types of paint and has been formulated to remove defects safely as part of the paint corection process.

In cooperation with CareCenter we have been testing this product prior to launch in our webshop and found to be one of the best, most effective and easiest compounds we have ever used.

Although classed as a heavy cut detailing compound we found the diminishing abrasives used in the this product to be very forgiving and well suited for use with Angelwax or cutting pads as well as with Flexipads microfiber cutting discs.

Removes defects and scratches.
Removes sanding marks up to 1:1500 grade
Diminishing abrasives
Extremely low dust
Silicone free
Suitable for use with DA and rotary polishing machines
Small amount goes long way

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