Crazy Bag

Versatile Mini-Mitt for Interior + Exterior Use

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Always on the lookout for intelligent uses of materials we have already created, we used our Crazy Pile fabric to find a solution to yet another common problem. The Crazy Bag is a compact mitt with a one size fits all, form-fitting wrist cuff. It is the perfect assistant to wipe off wax or quick detailers on your paint without the risk of dropping or wasting time to re-fold a towel.

But when we started the development, the primary purpose for this product was interior use! It makes the interior cleaning extremely handy! Use the mitt to remove dust with a wipe of your fingers or use it together with your favorite dash or leather dressing. The extremely soft material is perfect for even the most delicate surface inside your car.

Weight: 500g/m²
Target Application: Buff off waxes and selants, wipe off quick detailers, interior dusting, leather care
Material: 75% polyester / 25% polyamide

This product is washer / dryer safe and comes packed in resealable zipper bag for dust-free, safe storage!

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